Local Homeowner Publishes Young Adult Book Set on Ocracoke

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Local Homeowner Publishes Young Adult Book Set on Ocracoke

Fans of Ocracoke can now enjoy a moving love story and island almanac aimed at young readers that all ages can appreciate.

Eager readers will learn about fishing, scalloping, clamming, and crabbing on Ocracoke – where to catch ‘em and how to cook ‘em. Wondering about Ocracoke’s best-kept secret fishing spots? Wonder no more.

Ocracoke Between the Storms by Edward P. Norvell also takes you through the cycle of the seasons, and highlights all the fun and family-friendly events that take place throughout the year. You’ll feel like you’re right there under the live oaks at the Ocrafolk Festival, or sitting alongside the 4th of July parade, or letting it all hang out at the beach.

True to its title, Ocracoke Between the Storms offers useful advice on hurricane preparedness that all island youth need to know.

And the equipment used by the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department is prominently featured.

Local businesses and activities are described throughout, and the book serves as a great guide to where to eat and drink and swim and play. There’s even tips for first aid on the beach, just in case you or a friend gets stung by a jellyfish!

Ocracoke Between the Storms is full of helpful hints about island living, and even demonstrates how our youngsters might support themselves on the island after they reach legal age.

Interspersed with all the great information, is the story of one young man making his way on the island and finding true love.

We would tell you more, but we don’t want to blow it! And a word to the wise, kids: don’t read this one out loud to grandma.

As an educational and entertaining book, this one can’t be beat. Off you go to buy one! Ocracoke Between the Storms is available on island bookshelves. 


Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! Just to be clear.... the Current doesn't really recommend this book for young readers. It's definitely written for mature audiences. Everything else is true. Enjoy!

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