We try to make it easy to advertise with us. We're cheap.

That we're cheap and easy is obviously no commentary whatsoever on our readers or writers. That's just something Sundae and Jenny value about ourselves. What's the alternative? Hard and expensive? Sounds daunting. Jenny just wrote that to see if anybody is reading this.

Our documented goals in creating the site were to make each other LOL every day and to attract the attention of Anthony Lane and Nick Hornby. Since the site went online on January 20, 2012, we've had lots of positive feedback, but we haven't heard from our writer idols yet.

In the meantime, we provide a great platform for Ocracoke businesses to advertise.

In 2017, over 120,000 unique visitors checked out the Ocracoke Current’s website. 65% of our readers are repeat customers who check the Current regularly.

Since our first year in 2012, we’ve had over 3.5 million page views! 

In addition to the website, we keep readers up-to-date through Facebook and Twitter. Readers can subscribe to our RSS feed, which sends them an email every time we post a new story.

Ocracoke Current website ads: 

$70/month (minimum 3 months) or $600/year.

  • Year-round advertising
  • Ads can be jpg or gif
  • Ad size is 240 x 190 pixels
  • Change your ad as often as you’d like!
  • Ads link to your website or Facebook page, or to a page we create for you with photos and information about your business
  • Ads rotate position (every two weeks) on Ocracoke Current homepage
  • In addition to the homepage, ads include a placement on two secondary pages (Current’s choice – these get changed up, too!)

We also do two print editions a year -- more advertising opportunities!

Contact Sundae for more information: 252-921-0283 or