Ocracoke Current 2012–2021: (last updated in 2020)

Ocracoke Current is a source of reliable news and information for the residents of and visitors to Ocracoke Island.

Supposedly, humor is involved. As an online paper, we update frequently and provide timely coverage of island topics. It's like good gossip, but verifiable.

The Current is the brainchild of Sundae Horn and Jenny Scarborough, who debuted the website on January 20, 2012. Between us, we’d already logged dozens of years of writing about Ocracoke. We do our best to report the news with irreverence. 

Over the years, the Current's website has amassed a great big archive of stories about Ocracoke history, people, businesses, flora, fauna, rumors, and politics. We invite you to give us a look and keep checking back for new content.

The 2020 Ocracoke Current staff is Sundae Horn (owner/editor), Jenny Scarborough (former co-owner/editor, consultant), Rob Temple (Sundae’s main squeeze), and Jessie Morrissey (print layout designer). Other contributors include Sundae’s kids and any friends that we can coerce into helping out. Sometimes we even pay them.

Interested in submitting a story? Send it to ocracokecurrent@gmail.com. 

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About Sundae

Sundae goes to things.

About Jenny


Jenny suspects there may be dignity in silence.