Do You Hear What I Hear?

It's's almost here, one of Ocracoke's very favorite days of the year.

by Susan Dodd

No, wait -- hold on, not Christmas, not yet. You don't even have to wait that long. Our annual Community Christmas Concert is taking place this Saturday, December 8, at 7 PM at the Community Center. It's free...and it's fabulous.

Just follow your nose. (Think Christmas cookies, still cooling.) Watch for twinkling lights, then you might catch a glimpse of red velvet bows in little girls' hair. When you find the place, come on in and feast your ears on one of the island's greatest treasures, the sound of music.

There will be poems and carols, gospel and jazz, some songs you know and some you don't. The OCC kids will bring down the house (just like always). But you may also see your bashful neighbor up there singing her heart out -- who knew?! We don't want to give too much away, but if you put any stock in rumor, there's a fair chance we could hear the version of "Blue Christmas" that, legend has it, sent Elvis straight to Heaven.

And speaking of Heaven: There will, of course, be a bake sale -- this is Ocracoke, right? The proceeds will go to the middle school language arts program. And while there is no admission charge for the concert, it would be much appreciated if everybody would bring along some canned goods to help the high school Beta Club food drive.

Make plans right now to be there. Offer your friends a ride. Shake the moths out of your best red sweater. Nobody should miss out on this. The Community Christmas Concert is a wonderful present we give to ourselves and to each other, and it only comes once a year.

And it's beautiful.

Artwork by Caroline Temple, 2009
Artwork by Caroline Temple, 2009
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