Nightswimming: The Survey

Jenny Scarborough

We failed to celebrate National Skinny Dipping Day on August 13. 

To make amends, for our first ever, official Ocracoke Current poll, we asked islanders one hard-hitting question:  "When was the last time you went skinny dipping?"

Nightswimming:  The Survey

Rhonda Mason:  You can't ask me that!

Janet Spencer:  It's been a long time.  I think I went once.

David Johnson:  About a month ago, with some French Canadian girls.

Monroe Gaskill:  We used to all go all the time, at beach parties, about the time the sharks were feeding.  I don't think I've been since the early 80s.

Jennifer Rich:  Hmmm.  It's been a while.  I know we went on our honeymoon.

Capt. Ronnie O'Neal:  We went around the time we turned forty.  That's been about twenty years.  It was with Kathleen.

Trudy Austin:  I haven't been.  But I'm going in the next year and a half, before I turn 50.  It's on my bucket list!

Micah Bassell:  Last year.  This year I've been working on my karma.

Linda Ward:  It's funny you should ask me that.  It was just a couple weeks ago, to celebrate a friend's birthday.

William Winslow:  I haven't been to the beach in four or five weeks.  But I know that the last time I was there, I went skinny dipping.

Dale Mutro:  Within the last month.  But it was in my pool, in my backyard.  I don't do it illegally at the beach.

Philip Howard:  During the Perseid shower, just a couple of weeks ago. 

Jason Elicker:  At least 15 years ago. 

Cathy Scarborough (in response to Jason):  You're forgetting that beach in Mexico.

Luke Harrington:  I would say two nights ago, but I kept my shorts on.  Ask Katy Mitchell.

Katy Mitchell:  Last night. 

Ocracoke Current:  And before that? 

Katy:  Two nights ago.


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