Jenny Scarborough

We failed to celebrate National Skinny Dipping Day on August 13. 

To make amends, for our first ever, official Ocracoke Current poll, we asked islanders one hard-hitting question:  "When was the last time you went skinny dipping?"

Nightswimming:  The Survey

Rhonda Mason:  You can't ask me that!

Janet Spencer:  It's been a long time.  I think I went once.

David Johnson:  About a month ago, with some French Canadian girls.

Monroe Gaskill:  We used to all go all the time, at beach parties, about the time the sharks were feeding.  I don't think I've been since the early 80s.

Jennifer Rich:  Hmmm.  It's been a while.  I know we went on our honeymoon.

Capt. Ronnie O'Neal:  We went around the time we turned forty.  That's been about twenty years.  It was with Kathleen.

Trudy Austin:  I haven't been.  But I'm going in the next year and a half, before I turn 50.  It's on my bucket list!

Micah Bassell:  Last year.  This year I've been working on my karma.

Linda Ward:  It's funny you should ask me that.  It was just a couple weeks ago, to celebrate a friend's birthday.

William Winslow:  I haven't been to the beach in four or five weeks.  But I know that the last time I was there, I went skinny dipping.

Dale Mutro:  Within the last month.  But it was in my pool, in my backyard.  I don't do it illegally at the beach.

Philip Howard:  During the Perseid shower, just a couple of weeks ago. 

Jason Elicker:  At least 15 years ago. 

Cathy Scarborough (in response to Jason):  You're forgetting that beach in Mexico.

Luke Harrington:  I would say two nights ago, but I kept my shorts on.  Ask Katy Mitchell.

Katy Mitchell:  Last night. 

Ocracoke Current:  And before that? 

Katy:  Two nights ago.


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