A Community Festival with a Mission

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A Community Festival with a Mission
Ocrafolk Festival explained: funding, armbands, volunteering, and more!

Now in its 19th year, Ocrafolk Festival is recognized throughout our region as an extraordinary event in a one-of-a kind setting. Our fans and audiences have been an integral part of our story, along with countless volunteers, performers, and supporters that we call family. Ocrafolk isn’t produced by an incorporated town or large corporation. This event is grassroots and happens only if everyone lends a hand.

Ocracoke Island is an incredibly special place. You may know this already. What visitors might not be aware of is how this small community struggles to provide the resources that are often taken for granted in other parts of the country. 

In 2018, your Ocrafolk Festival admission ticket doesn’t just assist Ocracoke Alive in creating a weekend packed with incredible performances. It also supports hundreds of hours of student and community programming that would vanish without your funding.

So, thank you for your generosity! Thank you for joining us!  Let the magical journey begin!

Ocracoke Alive Executive Director ~ David Tweedie

Ocracoke Alive Assistant Executive Director ~ Desiree Ricker

What activities require the purchase of a ticket armband?

Performance areas at the stages are gated and require a ticket armband to enter the audience. This includes Howard Street Stage, Live Oak Stage next to Books to be Red, Workshop Stage next to the United Methodist Church, the Kid’s Activity Area at Deepwater Theater, Deepwater Theater, and the Squaredance and Blues Band at the Berkley Barn. Donald Davis Storytelling & Dessert at the Ocracoke Community Center on Saturday night is a special $10 ticketed event (tickets may be purchased at the Box Office. Armband is not required for this event).

What can you see for free?

You are welcome to stroll the grounds on School Road and Howard Street and visit local businesses as well as over 55 artisans, non-profits, and food vendors without having an admission armband. In addition, evening performances at the following Ocrafolk Festival Partner locations are admission-free ~ Ocracoke Oyster Company (Friday, 5:30-7:00), Gaffers Restaurant (Friday and Saturday at 10 PM), 1718 Brewery (Saturday night at 10 PM), Ocracoke Community Store (Saturday night at 10 PM), and Magic Bean (Sunday at 11:30 AM).

If I Volunteer or Sponsor can I get admission?

Volunteers who work at least 4 hours over the weekend receive an All Weekend Pass Armband. Sign up through the Ocrafolk Festival website on the Volunteers page. Volunteer spots are limited.

Sponsors receive All Weekend Passes and additional benefits.

Where do I get tickets and find out more information?

Tickets are available online and at the Box Office during the weekend. For Tickets, Performers, Artisans, Programs, Maps, and more visit www.ocracokealive.org. You may also contact info@ocracokealive.org.



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