Start Your Art!

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Start Your Art!
Daymon Esham
The 5th Annual "Ocracoke Through Your Eyes" Art Auction will be January 27th!

The auction is a fundraiser for Ocracoke Preservation Society, and features small works donated by local artists from all levels and mediums and from Ocracoke fans far and wide. 

A festive evening reception is planned for Saturday, January 27 th, from 5 – 7pm at the Museum.

The artists are asked to show Ocracoke as they see it – the beach, the village, the people, any small part that they choose. Participants can draw, paint, glue, sew, staple, or otherwise add artistic embellishments to the small ready-to-hang canvasses.

Start Your Art!
Peggy Powers
The canvases are available at the museum or you can contact them and they will send one through the mail. You are also welcome to submit your own art for the auction. 

During the January 27th reception, the artwork will be hanging throughout the Museum, and available by silent auction bidding along with any online bidding that has taken place prior to the event through Facebook. If you can't make it to Ocracoke, you can still participate. OPS staff post photos of the canvases on the OPS Facebook page. You can see the artwork there and even place your bid online! Keep checking back – the page is updated as the canvasses come in. 

Start Your Art!
Mary Bassell
For more information or to request a canvas, please contact OPS staff at 252-928-7375 or

These three paintings were entries in former OPS Art Show fundraisers.

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