A Black Squall Approaches....

A Black Squall Approaches....

Ocracoke School's annual Arts Week will culminate in a Thursday night all-school performance. 

The "Tale of the Black Squall" is a new play based on a true Ocracoke story! 

During Arts Week (April 10th-13th) students will be immersed in art featuring Paperhand Puppets (character movement), Jef the Mime (clowning), Scott Paulson (Steel Drums), Jubal Creech (Percussion), and Janet Harriman (Jewelry Crafting). This team will be aiding our young community members in the creation of a show that will tell the tale of the famous 1861 Black Squall Shipwreck that brought a circus troupe (and animals!) to the beaches of Ocracoke Island. 

Earlier this month, the students worked with visiting artists Courtney Connor (tumbling and movement) and Paul McKibbins (singing and choral arrangement). Ocracoke art teacher Kitty Mitchell and set designer Mark Brown guided students in the creation of costumes and critters, while Gary Mitchell and Charles Temple worked with the kids on sound and lighting, and Desiree Ricker and David Tweedie finalized the script and details.

The 2017 Ocracoke Alive Arts Partnership Program also featured local artists, artisans, and crafters Lauren Strohl (baking Fig Cake), Philip Howard (traditional Ocracoke Square dancing), Robert Chestnut (printmaking), and Sundae Horn (Ocracoke quilting).

Ocracoke Alive is asking Ocracoke supporters to consider making a tax-deductible donation towards Arts Week. Donors will be thanked in the Black Squall Program, and can receive reserved ringside seats for the performance. Donations can be made online at www.ocracokealive.org or through the mail to Ocracoke Alive, PO Box 604, Ocracoke, NC 27960.

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