Giving Opportunity: Art for Ocracoke Kids

Press Release
Giving Opportunity: Art for Ocracoke Kids

This holiday season we receive many requests from noble non-profit organizations inviting contributions to worthy causes.

 In the spirit of the season, Ocracoke Alive is asking that you consider a tax-deductible contribution to the 2016 Ocracoke Arts Partnership Program. Last year year this innovative program brought 17 Weeks of Visiting Artists to Ocracoke students. 

Ocracoke School students, staff, and the teaching artists buzzed with excitement as they dove into a diverse range of creativity spanning from pastels to 3D paper construction, photography to sign-making, island artist studio tours to baking. 

At around $8000 a semester, this program relies upon the support of private donors and businesses.

Join Ocracoke Alive in bringing a magical 2016 spring semester to the students of the island. Find out more at

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