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Take 2
Singing twins will offer a special Veterans Day concert at Ocracoke School. 

Take 2, identical twin boys and singer/songwriters Adrian and Julian Woodrow, are touring North Carolina’s Coastal schools to share their experiences in the music business and ignite a passion for music in the school community. Better known as Take 2, the 18-year twins live in Southern Vermont, and just graduated from high school this year.

As teenagers, they taught themselves to play the ukulele, guitar, and piano. Schools started asking them to play live. After seeing how underfunded and forgotten the local music programs were, the twins started performing at schools to inspire other students to enjoy and create music. They toured 44 schools in the Spring semester and had so much fun that they've decided to chase their biggest dream - which was to tour in every major city in the US. The "Dream BIG Tour" was launched last month where they give daytime concerts in schools and share their experiences in the music business with kids of all ages, getting everyone dancing to popular cover songs, and singing original tracks from their debut album.

Take 2

Take 2 have competed on The Voice and X-Factor, and tell humorous backstage stories about what it was like to go through those competitions and perform in front of 4,000 people. Take 2 won Granville’s Battle of the Bands, competing against 8 other bands and garnering over 1/3 of the audience votes. Visit Take 2’s website at www.take2official.com.

Join the Fun and Attend a Concert!

Doors open at 6PM and the live concert begins at 7PM.  There are FREE posters for every attendee.

  • Tuesday, November 10th - Veterans Day Celebration. Live concert at the Ocracoke School gymnasium. Local student will perform opening acts, and parents and community members are invited to attend.  $5 at the door. Proceeds benefit the Ocracoke School. Earlier in the day, Take 2 will be doing motivational talks and a mini-concert for the students at Ocracoke school

The twins share often hilarious misadventures, play cover songs and original tracks on guitar and ukulele. They also share stories about how they got started singing and songwriting, and explain how they generated over 2.6 million hits on YouTube. Learn about what it takes to make an album, from two kids who are chasing their dreams and finding their power in friendship.

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