Sundae Horn

Sundae Horn is a longtime Ocracoke resident and business owner.

She enjoys reading, writing, gardening, shelling, and pestering Jenny. Her tipple of choice is Absolut and cranberry juice. She has three kids, two cats, a poodle, a beta fish, and an old sea captain. 

You can reach her at 252-921-0283 if you have a story tip or some good gossip to share!

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Ocracoke Current 2023

January 2024: Welcome to the new (and improved?) version of the Ocracoke Current.

Founded in 2012, the Current's mission was to be a source of reliable news and information about all things Ocracoke, with a touch of levity when appropriate. We also tried to maintain some sense of journalistic impartiality, at least most of the time. In April of 2021, the owner/editor Sundae Horn stopped posting new content and announced that the Current was finished.

But now it's back!?!? 

This time around, we (the royal "we" is mostly Sundae with some input from former co-owner Jenny Scarborough and the voices in Sundae's head) are only going to post as the spirit moves us. The spirit moves Sundae to write editorials about meetings. Jenny can chime in if/when she wants; she still has the login. We won't cover everything happening on the island. We won't even try. But if you liked the old Current, we hope you'll give us a another chance to inform and amuse.

And there's no advertising! (Except for Sundae's side gig.) If you like what we do, you can support us on Patreon

Happy Reading!