Ex-Royal Couple to Find Refuge on Ocracoke

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Ex-Royal Couple to Find Refuge on Ocracoke

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, known locally as Harry and Meg, found the perfect place to escape the paparazzi and raise their little family in peace.

Finally, Ocracoke has a pretty piece of property available that’s attractive to the rich and famous: the tract of land between Springer’s Point and the National Seashore, currently under contract to our royal buyers for $3.5 million.

There they can both build their dream cottage and develop a refuge for themselves and local injured wildlife.

"Meg loves animals,” said Harry. “And we imagine a sound front beach home surrounded by space for birds, turtles, and raccoons, otters, and possums to recover from illness injuries.” The wildlife refuge will be named ArkWell, a play on Archewell (the Sussexes non-profit foundation) and Noah’s ark (a boat full of animals.)

Meg is excited to join the board of Ocracoke Alive and bring her entertainment experience to the non-profit. She's eager to try her hand at directing a season of "A Tale of Blackbeard." Harry will pursue a board position at Ocracoke Preservation Museum, if director Andrea Powers will forgive him for forsaking the royal life in London.

"I so want to learn more about the Ocracoke Brogue,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Current. “Hearing it brings back found memories of seaside villages at home in the U.K. I’ve watched videos about the brogue and read Walt Wolfram’s book. I’m tremendously excited to hear it from a native speaker. I’d be chuffed to get Granny over here next year to meet some of her former subjects!"

Harry and Meg have already agreed to be the grand marshals at this year's 4th of July parade.

"My wife and my daughter-to-be are Yanks,” Harry said with a smile. “It’s time for me to embrace life stateside. But I might be singing ‘God Save the Queen’ under my breath."

Meg says she is looking forward to playdates with local families, long lazy days at the beach, and entering the 2021 Ocracoke Fig Festival Fig Cake Bake-Off.

"I don't expect special treatment because I'm a princess," she said. 

Meg and Harry both plan to support local businesses as much as possible, even to the point of joining the workforce.

"I bartended when I was starting my acting career, so I can always fall back on that if we need the extra cash for security,” Meg said. “And Harry would make a great tram driver if he could keep it on the right side of the road!"


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