Lazy Sundae's Rolls Into Ocracoke

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Former Ocracoke Current editor embarks on new namesake venture.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Lazy Sundae's Everyday Treats, the latest get-rich-quick scheme for the Ocracoke Current's co-founding owner and former editor Sundae Horn.

Lazy Sundae's Rolls Into Ocracoke

"It's my destiny to sell ice cream!" she exclaimed, saying that she was named "Sundae" after being conceived in a Dairy Queen parking lot. 

Lazy Sundae's Everyday Treats will serve up all your favorite childhood frozen treats from Push-Ups to Bomb Pops to Ice Cream Sandwiches and more – right from the back of a tie-dyed golf cart! Like a modern-day Pied Piper, Lazy Sundae's will bring all the kids to their yards to listen for the tinkly melody. There's nothing better than hearing the ice cream truck on its way down your street! 

"I drove an ice cream truck one summer in college," Sundae said, reminiscing about events from 33 years ago. "I lost money at it because I was a soft touch and gave ice cream to kids for whatever they could pay. But this time will be different!"

Her husband Rob is thrilled that Sundae is opening yet another business that won't make a profit but will demand a lot of free labor from him. "That's my girl!" he said. 

From 'way back when Sundae was a schoolteacher and simultaneously a bartender in Ohio, she's always loved both little kids anddrunks. That's why Lazy Sundae's Late Night route will add savory snacks to the offerings for post-10pm munchies!

"I love a hot summer night," Sundae said. "And I love to stay up late. Ocracoke is a food desert after 10pm and I'm going to fill that ginormous gap with all kinds of junk food for late-night bingeing."

Haven't made enough bad decisions by closing down the island saloons and beer halls? Don't think you'll feel bad enough on the morrow? Hail the glowing, multi-colored, tripendicular vehicle of your dreams and Sundae will sell you overpriced sugar, salt, cream, and crunch to satisfy all your hungers and fill the empty places in your soul that the alcohol can't reach. (Bonus: there'll be CHEESE!)

Lazy Sundae's golf cart goes only 10mph and will make random stops in the middle of the road, so Sundae knows it will be well-loved by all the locals. 

Sundae will start riding the Lazy Sundae's route in late April if she can get up off the couch. (It ain't called "Lazy" for nothin'!)

Lazy Sundae's Rolls Into Ocracoke
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