Planned Power Outage Saturday Night

Press Release
Planned Power Outage Saturday Night

Tideland EMC announced that there will be a planned power outage for at least 3 hours on Saturday

night beginning at 8pm.

In an effort to track down what caused the unprecedented cell phone and internet outages last week, Tideland will cut off the island's electric grid while Centurylink repairs the wi-fi and cellular phone services once and for all.

Tideland chose Saturday night because not much is happening on the island.

"It's after the OPS Art Show [4-7pm at the Community Center], so that everyone can attend it before the island goes dark," commented the Tideland employee who replaced Bobby O'Neal. "And it's a new moon, so everyone should go outside and look at the stars."

Tideland admin say that of all the days in the upcoming week, this Saturday was clearly the best option for the power outage. 

"It's a Saturday night," the new guy said. "What could people possibly be doing?"

He added that it's nice to have a dark, quiet night at home, and suggested if people didn't want to light candles or sit under the stars they could go to bed early and regain that hour of sleep they lost for Daylight Saving time.






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