Ferry Division Explains Landline Problems

Sundae Horn

"We just didn't feel like answering," said an NCDOT spokeshuman.

Ocracoke residents and visitors recently took to social media to decry the broken landlines at the Hatteras ferry station. 

"When you call, it just rings and rings and rings," said one frustrated passenger.

Concerned citizens say the landline has been inoperable for over two weeks, and they want answers.

"Yeah, we just turned the ringer off one night when we were all tired, and forgot to turn it back on. It was so nice and quiet, we kept 'forgetting' – we needed the break from all the calls just to get through the first busy holiday weekend of the year," said the spokeshuman. "Not a big deal."

He also pointed out that they did keep posting regular updates about the ferry schedule on Twitter and Facebook. "We like to play with our smartphones as much as you do," he said.

He seemed surprised that island residents were upset about the phone situation.

"Really? This is what y'all talk about?" he asked.


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