Help Wanted: Bathroom Monitor for Public Restrooms

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Help Wanted: Bathroom Monitor for Public Restrooms

Help Wanted: Bathroom Monitor for Ocracoke Village public restrooms.

OCBA is seeking to hire a contractor to provide transgender bathroom monitoring for island businesses.

Ocracoke Island business owners want to be at the cutting edge of tourism, and understand that North Carolina's recently-passed H.B. 2 is designed to protect NC residents and visitors from unwanted attention in bathroom stalls. That's why the business community seeks to hire someone to provide unwanted attention before people enter public restrooms. The visiting public is advised to carry copies of their birth certificate at all times. 

Position requirements:

Contractor will provide services up to 40 hours per week; contractor will work with business owners to arrange specific times for monitoring at individual businesses, based on first come, first served basis.


Unambiguous gender; only applicants who dress, speak, and act in a gender-appropriate manner will be considered.

A healthy dose of fear of anyone who's not just like you.

Ability to identify men who are "passing" as women, and vice versa, attempting to use the bathroom of their choice. 

Ability to work closely with local law enforcement officers, and to testify in court as needed.

Ability to check the visiting public's genitalia with professional courtesy. 

A background in human anatomy is a plus. 

More information:

H.B 2 clearly dictates that "People must use the bathroom of the sex listed on their birth certificate."  

A legal exception will be made for women in bars waiting in a long line to pee who see that the men's room has no line at all. 



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