Welcome, Dahlia Belinda!

Welcome, Dahlia Belinda!

Dahlia Belinda Santiago joined the Ocracoke community January 28, 2014.

She doesn't say much, said her big brother Alex, who celebrated his fifth birthday the day before Dahlia Belinda was born at the Outer Banks Hospital.

At first she cried a lot, said big sister Dibanhi. "When she gets bigger, she'll be fun to play with," Dibanhi's friend Gisele, who is a big sister to twin girls, reassured her.

Proud parents are Olga and Lindo Santiago.

Do you call her Dahlia or Belinda? Ocracoke Current wanted to know. Olga smiled her thousand watt smile and shrugged, a mellow mother.

"Right now we just call her 'the baby,'" said Dibanhi, and off she went to kick a ball around the yard.



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