Remedial Meetings to be Offered

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Catch up on island issues with a Remedial Meetings Class.

Do you ever find yourself out of your element at public meetings on Ocracoke? Do you ever hear people groan when you comment? Have you ever asked a question that was articulately asked and adequately answered just five minutes before? Have you ever found yourself cheering a county board of commissioners vote you didn't actually understand?

Would you like to move beyond the stage of "Firm Grasp of the Obvious" past "Working Knowledge of the Past Year of Information About the Issue at Hand" all the way to "Understanding the Political, Societal, Economic, and Practical Complexities of the Issue"?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this class is for you!

Remedial Meetings to be Offered

In Remedial Meetings Class 101 we will explore:

  • Government Entities on Ocracoke and What They Do and Do Not Do
  • Ocracoke Organizations, Who Runs Them, and Why
  • How to Research a Topic or Issue 
  • Getting Up to Speed on an Issue You've Ignored for Months 
  • Exploring the Ocracoke Current Archives for Better Understanding
  • Why Continuity in Organizations is Important 
  • How to Decipher Government-speak, Organization-speak, Marketing-speak, Politician-speak, Passive-Aggressive-speak, Nutjob-speak, and Needs-Anger-Management-speak
  • How to See Elephants in the Room and How to Pretend You Don't
  • Eye-Rolling With Your Neighbor, and the Importance of Sitting Next to Someone You Can Whisper To
  • Brevity is the Soul of Wit (It's All Been Said Before)
  • Dealing With Disillusionment When You Discover What Ocracoke is Really Like
  • How Not to Hate Everyone Else at the Meeting
    Remedial Meetings to be Offered
  • How Not to Hate Everyone Who Doesn't Go To Meetings, But Complains on Facebook
  • Silencing Your Cell Phone
  • Putting Away Your Chair
  • Staying After to Say What You Really Wanted to Say During the Meeting, But Didn't
  • And, much, much more!

Remember our Motto: "None of us is as dumb as all of us."

Classes are FREE and will meet for 1 hour prior to any regularly-scheduled public meeting. 

If this offer doesn't appeal to you, click here for an organization for you!  

I really wish this were a thing, but, alas, meetings will continue to be quasi-productive for years to come. Thanks, dear Ocracoke Current readers, for indulging us on the most fun newsday of the whole year!

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